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Alena creates stories in different genres. She writes fairy tales, realistic stories, biographies of great people, informative books. And often puts in the center of the narrative a family that found itself in a difficult life situation. In general, family values are a cross—cutting theme of almost all the works of Alena Kashura. Her stories are layered. Both the child and the adult will certainly find something important in them that they can reflect on.

Alena Kashura is the winner of many literary competitions:
Grand Prix of the contest "Short children's work-2016"
Laureate of the P. P. Yershov International Literary Prize in the nomination "From the descendants of P. Yershov",
Winner of the Silver Knight of the International Slavic Arts Forum "Golden Knight",
Laureate of the V. Krapivin International Prize in the nomination "Commander's Choice",
Laureate of the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation. Her books are read all over Russia, ordered to America, Germany, Greece... At the moment, the author has already published 14 books in publishing houses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don.
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