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Anna Sandermoen was born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, then a part of the Soviet Union, in 1974 and spent the first years of her life there. Her grandparents were exiled to Dushanbe during the Stalin era and founded the state university there.

The family moved back to Leningrad where she went to her first year in school. When Anna was only 7 years old, her parents sent her to a "commune", where she was in isolation from her parents for almost 6 years - until she was 13-year-old. Anna has written an autobiographical book about her life in the so-called commune, which actually was a cult. The book is titled "The Cult in My Grandmother's House."

In 1987 she returned from the cult back to her parents in Leningrad. A few years later her family moved to live in Moscow.

Anna has graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University, and also studied at the School of Translators at the Intourist of the USSR in the departments of English, French and Spanish.

Since 2014 Anna is living in Switzerland with her husband and daughter. She is the founder and managing director of Sandermoen Publishing, a publishing company with the purpose of publishing books about partnerships, cultural differences, immigration, business- and management literature. Sandermoen Publishing has also specialized in bilingual books in Russian and other languages like English, German and French.

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