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Elena Budagashvili is an aspiring author. "I am a Man" is Elena's first novel, written by her at the request of numerous friends and acquaintances who have heard from her many fascinating stories from life. The experience turned out to be successful, thanks to the novel in 2017, Elena was nominated for the prestigious Russian "Writer of the Year" award. Writing fascinated Elena. Feeling the need to share her experiences with readers, she continues to write stories about what happened to her and people close to her.

Elena moved with her family first to Germany from Russia, and then to Switzerland, where she currently lives.

Once Elena dreamed of teaching, her dream came true: Elena taught high school students in Moscow for several years, and then worked for a while at the University of Würzburg. Now Elena runs her own recruitment agency. The agency specializes in Russian-speaking candidates living in Europe and selects staff for Swiss companies with business ties with Russia.

Despite the fact that business takes up most of her time, Elena does not forget about home and family. She is a loving daughter, a happy wife, the mother of two adult children and the grandmother of a small grandson. Members of her large, international family speak different languages – Russian, Georgian, German, English, Hebrew and Macedonian, but always find a common language with each other. First of all, the language of respect and love. Elena herself, in addition to Russian, speaks German and English, and in her youth studied Georgian.


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