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Elizaveta Andreeva was born in Rustavi, one of the oldest cities in Georgia.
During her school years, she studied in a physics class, was the chairman and guide of the school museum "Young Guard", graduated from a music school in piano class. After school, she entered the MEI, then worked as an engineer in Lyubertsy near Moscow. In the crisis nineties earned knitting.
In the late nineties, her husband got a job in Baden, Switzerland, and Elizabeth and her children moved to Switzerland. More than twenty years have passed since then. During this time, her "professional development" and the search for herself in a new country included the study of German, Swiss (Zurich), English, Italian; accounting and teaching courses. For several years she had her own business school in Zurich: foreign language courses with Russian—speaking teachers, children's groups and even gymnastics for women. During the same years, she was the vice-president of the Association of Swiss Compatriots.

In 2010, the school had to be disbanded: Elizabeth left with her husband for America. The new country was inspiring. Elizabeth began to write poetry, she also improved her English, and her passion for Latin American dances added a document to the existing certificates and certificates confirming that she is now an official Zumba instructor.

Two years later, she and her husband returned to Switzerland. Elizabeth resumed teaching. Now she taught Russian as a foreign language, as well as German at one of the language schools in Zurich and at Bank Credit Suisse.
Since 2019, Elizabeth has been writing an essay in the magazine "RS", or "Everything about Switzerland in Russian", leads the column "Language integration". Her articles are very popular. Now friends meet her with questions: "When will your book be published? I really want to read it!"

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