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Julia Smolenskaya was born in Moscow in 1976 and received a dual degree in pedagogy and linguistics, mastering German and English. Until she was 25, she lived in Moscow, where her days were filled with nothing but study and work. And at night she wrote poems about love.

Winning a grant from the German Foreign Ministry upon graduation, Julia went to Munich where she conducted research on intercultural educational projects.

Returning to Moscow after her internship, Julia realised that happiness is not only about a successful job and career. In her search for love and happiness, she tried to prioritise her life in a different way: her relationship with the father of her daughter Alice, who unfortunately became only a "paper dad", came to the fore.

But the disappointment of her family life and the devastation of a bad relationship did not stop her. She concentrated on her work again, believing that she would find happiness. At night, she would write poems about love.

In 2011, an Internet encounter with an (un)ordinary Swiss man from a pre-Redalpine village took Julia's life in a whole new and exciting direction.

Since 2013, she has been living with her daughter Alice and husband Marty Liebgut in Switzerland. In 2017, she obtained an MBA in the Faculty of Management and Law in Zurich. She works for a well-known family-owned Swiss company, developing international projects in various markets.

Julia is always on the lookout for creative ideas and new projects: her meeting with publisher Anna Sandermoen on the lakeside in Zug and a pleasant conversation over a cup of coffee against the typical Swiss landscape, drowned in deep sky, mountain and water blue, gave rise to a new literary online project. Anna suggested (to the aspiring author or Julia) that the first (at the time still unwritten) chapter of a book called My Swiss Husband be published the following Tuesday.

Julia's debut novel "My Swiss Husband" is based on real life events that happened to her in Moscow, Germany and Switzerland. The book will soon be available in German translation Mein Schweizer Ehemann.

Julia is now working on her next book, preparing a new project for you. And she is writing poems about love.

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