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Maria Hainz, born in Russia, made career as a lawyer in a big energy company in Moscow and got a Ph.D. at Moscow University of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO). At the age of 30 she moved to Germany to be with her husband who is a surgeon. During the maternity leave she learned a new profession as a psychologist with specialisation in Positive Psychology, set up an online School of Positive Psychology and developed a new scientific approach to time management – Positive Time Management. 
Maria wrote a few books for parents with a circulation over 17000, which were republished many times in Russia. Nowadays she teaches Positive Psychology, organises master classes and writes books, in particular about her three children: Alexander, Daniel and Sophia. 
«During the last 10 years I've been writing little stories about my kids. All of them are humorous; many of them are connected with bilingualism in our family. The stories are not only good for reading as bedtime stories, they can also be used as psychological help for parents and children, who wish to learn Russian. What to do, if Russian words are too complicated to pronounce? What if the children don't want to go to Russian lessons? I faced these problems with my children and you probably too. You will feel that you are not alone, that problems are solvable. And the most important – you will laugh a lot, and laughter is the best and simplest thing we can give each other every day». 
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