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Marina Ovsyannikova is a Russian journalist, former editor of Channel One's international news department, and author of the book "Russians against the war. Six seconds on air", which has appeared in many European languages. Her book is a memoir of a journalist who desperately fights the authoritarian regime, trying to stay out of jail and protect her daughter.

On March 14, 2022, Marina Ovsyannikova protested against war and propaganda in a live broadcast of "Vremya" on Channel One. Working in an international newsroom, she had long known that the Kremlin was constantly lying to the Russian people.

The war in Ukraine was the point of no return for her, when it was no longer possible to remain silent. For the sake of telling people the truth, Marina sacrificed everything: her home, her family, her job, and her prosperous life.

The daughter of a Ukrainian father and a Russian mother, Marina Ovsyannikova has a keen sense of the tragedy of the Ukrainian people. As a child she experienced what Ukrainian refugees are experiencing now. Her home in Grozny was destroyed during the First Chechen War.

The live protest was the beginning of an incredible ordeal. Ovsyannikova went on to work as a journalist, trying to cover the conflict in Ukraine, but found herself in the middle of an information war. In Russia she was accused of having ties to the British Embassy and in Ukraine of working for the Russian secret services. She became the subject of constant harassment on the Internet. And her ex-husband, who works in the top management of the RT channel, sued her and tried to take her children away from her. Her son and mother called her a traitor and turned their backs on her. Marina Ovsyannikova had no choice but to put her life in incredible danger and fly to Moscow to fight for her young daughter.

In Russia, she was detained for her anti-war stance, fined twice, then arrested under a criminal article about fakes about the Russian army and placed under house arrest. She faced up to 10 years in prison. A few days before the trial, Marina Ovsyannikova somehow miraculously managed to escape house arrest with her daughter. Russian authorities put her on an international wanted list. She is currently in Paris; the French authorities granted her political asylum. Marina Ovsyannikova continues to actively oppose the criminal war unleashed by the Kremlin.

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