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Zherebtsova Polina Viktorovna (born March 20, 1985, Grozny, USSR) is a documentary writer, artist, journalist, psychologist. He is the author of Chechen diaries from 1994 to 2004, military stories and document novels.

Her books have been translated into many languages of the world, including Arabic, Italian, Bulgarian, Finnish, English, Lithuanian, Latvian, French, German, Greek and others.

Finalist of the international ANGELUS Award (2019) awarded for high achievements in the field of literature and culture. Finalist of the Sakharov Prize "For Journalism as an Act" (2012)

In 2013, Polina received political asylum in Finland. He is engaged in human rights activities and lectures at universities in Europe.

Polina was born in a multinational family on the territory of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, in the city of Grozny. During the military campaigns, she did not leave the Chechen Republic. With the outbreak of the 1994 war in the Chechen Republic, nine-year-old Polina Zherebtsova begins to keep a personal diary in which she describes the historical events taking place. In October 1999, as a result of a rocket attack by Russian troops on a market in the city of Grozny, fourteen-year-old Polina Zherebtsova was wounded - 16 shrapnel in her leg.

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