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Prose writer, translator, screenwriter, member of the Union of Writers of Russia, member of the Union of Children
's Writers. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.
He is the author of the novels "Man-made Head" (Limbus Press, 2021), "Midnight in Petropavlovsk-
Kamchatsky", the collection "Gentlemen and Snowmen" (Detlit,
2017), which became the winner of the prize. Sergei Mikhalkov.
The first published novel "There are no More Hints" (AST, 2015) received the national
literary award "Manuscript of the Year" and was a finalist in the 2015 Bookguru contest.
Short stories and novellas were also included in the collections of AST and other publishers.
Published in the magazines "Friendship of Peoples", "Aurora", "Neva", "Youth", "October",
"Floors", "Time of culture. Petersburg", "Crimea", "Baltic", "Shores", "Idiot",
almanac "Noon. XXI century".
Russian Russian Hoffman winner of five awards in the Prose category, laureate and diploma
winner of the Danko, Kuprin, Gogol, Tvardovsky, Korolenko awards and the Russian Stil competition.
Golden winner of the Korneychuk Prize for the best work for teenagers (
2018), etc.
Svetlana Volkova's works have been translated into English, German, Italian,
Turkish, Chinese and Korean.
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