VESTA VASYAGINA – Sandermoen Publishing


Participant of the Festival of Young Writers "How good it is to be able to write!.." ("Children's writers around DETGIZ", 2019 and 2022)
Participant of the Forum of Young Writers of the S.Filatov Foundation ("Lipki", 2021).
Winner of the "New Children's Book" (2021)
Laureate of the International Korneychuk Prize (2021)
Semifinalist of the competition of the publishing house "Nastya and Nikita" (2021)
Semifinalist of the literary contest "White Crow" (2022)
Author of the books "I will become a Wizard" ("Dragonfly"), "Loony Nekhochukha" ("Phoenix"), "The Best for Mom" ("Prof-Press"), "Tractor Vic and the Big Race" ("Prof-Press"), as well as stories in the collections "Zamurchatelnye tales" ("Dragonfly"), "How good to be able to write!" ("Children's Book House") and publications in children's magazines ("Bag", "Swing", "Giraffe Light", "Guiding Star", "Avatar", "Upside Down", etc.)
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