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The novelist, author of 13 books for children, has also been published in magazines and collections.​ Winner of the contest "New Fairy Tale" and the Korneychuk Prize, finalist of the contest "New Children's Book", finalist of the E. Uspensky Prize. Participant of festivals and forums for young writers.
As a child, I dreamed of wandering and telling fairy tales for a bed and a meal, and after death to create my own planet. In part, my dreams have come true - Zulya creates her own worlds in written books, and then they wander around different cities. One of them, a collection of funny and inspiring stories about a gifted cow Masha, will be released in Europe and travel.
Zulya lives in the small Russian city of Tobolsk, where there are more deserted streets than busy ones, and therefore different stories are readily invented in them.
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