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Kjetil Sandermoen, global strategic management consultant, founder of the University of Fredericton and Sandermoen School of Business.

Founding investor and principal owner of the University of Fredericton, a fully designated Canadian degree granting university. Sandermoen School of Business provides graduate programs (MBA and EMBA).
Former Principal Associate and Professional Director of the Adizes Institute.
Facilitated major change programs in companies leading to vastly improved business performance, advising CEO and senior management teams.
Kjetil has worked globally with over a hundred companies big and small since 1987, in all kinds of industries and in both the private and public sector.
He speaks and works fluently in Norwegian (mother tongue), English, German, Danish and Swedish.
He has broad international experience, having worked in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, UK, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, China, Brazil, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Spain, United Arabian Emirates, Nigeria and Switzerland.
He holds a degree in Economics from Karlstad University, Sweden.
Kjetil Sandermoen was born in Norway in 1956. He has two children from a previous marriage.
In 2016 he married Ania Chediya and adopted her daughter Marta. They live together in Zug, Switzerland as the Sandermoen family.
If you want to know more, see: www.sandermoen.com


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